Client: Wooql
Directed, designed and animated by Bran Dougherty-Johnson
Produced by FCC.tv
Music and Sound Design by Matt Stanfield

Aaron from Standard Apps and Giorgio from de.MO approached me about helping them create a short conceptual, character-based film that shows what happens when you use the Wooql app. Without screencasting or walking through the steps in the app itself, we focused instead on making an experience that feels like what Wooql does.

Together, we came up with a simple story of a lonely, empty world where our Wooql character is missing things in his life. A great job goes by, Wooql misses out on parties with friends, etc. When he goes through the portal into the world of the Wooqls, he doesn’t miss out anymore.

As a filmmaker and designer, I often focus on making ideas and issues clear and comprehensible. This project is more of a tease, not totally explaining the app, but hopefully leaving the viewers intrigued and excited and wanting more. I know I want to know more, and I’m excited to see where Wooql goes next!