100 Resilient Cities

Context Partners approached me to help tell the story of 100 Resilient Cities, a Rockefeller Foundation initiative that is spearheading an effort to make our communities more sustainable in the face of the challenges of climate change all over the world. The film that I created then was intercut with documentary footage to issue a call-to-action to mayors and cities to join the effort to become a resilient city in the 21st century.

Produced by Context Partners in collaboration with Stillmotion and Cicala Filmmworks
Director: Wil Kristin, Context Partners
Editor: Ryland Brooks, Stillmotion
Animation: Bran Dougherty-Johnson
Pre-production support: Stillmotion
Footage courtesy of Cicala Filmmworks
Voices: Lani Minella, Selma Elsaid, Rose Winters, Valerie Armstrong, Anna Lopatin, Mateo Martinez-Lopez, Beto Guimaraes
Music: “Way Back Home” (Instrumental) by Cavaliers licensed by Marmoset