I just got back from F5 in NYC, which was an exhausting blast. Saw lots of great work, met lots of great folks, left with a thousand new ideas for my work and a thousand more questions about everything I saw there.

One big question I have is – is there room for a more active motion design conference? Or does this already exist, but I don’t know about it? Has anyone tried one?

What I guess I mean by this, is less of a show-your-work, get-up-on-stage and go through slides presentation, and more of a workshop-based or collaborative experience that motion designers, animators, designers, artists could all go to, work together on and leave with maybe more developed skills, ideas on how to work, and possibly even a rough piece that they made there.

Could it be like the Do Lectures (the emphasis on a rural / healthier / simpler setting are really interesting to me)? Or like James Victoire’s Dinner Series (but super less-expensive)? Could it be like a really great sign-painting workshop?

Is animation and motion-design too much of a solitary art? Does it take too long to plan? To work on?

I think there might be a great experience in experienced, professional motion designers from different backgrounds getting together in a rural, non-distracting setting and sharing knowledge, giving each other master classes and working together on projects. Learning character design from Saiman Chow, learning how to make smooth keyframes with Adam Plouff, learning how to model landscapes with Timothy J. Reynolds, learning how to make hand-painted loops with Drew Tyndall, and how to budget projects with _________? I wonder if anyone else would be interested, and where could we do it, and who wants to run it?

Anyway, something I’m thinking about …