I Speak For the Trees

This self-initiated illustration project was conceived as a response to illegal cutting on county parkland at one of my favorite beaches where I live. No one has been charged with the cutting, so one of the last weekends before Labor Day when the beach was crowded, I staged a free art giveaway, printing each of these up and giving copies of them away and talking to people using the beach all day long. It may not turn the wheels of justice, but at least I spoke up.

Artists’s Statement:
I created this public response to the tree-cutting at Menhaden Lane to raise awareness with the people who love this beach while they are using and enjoying it during the summer. Some of the people swimming on the beach and relaxing here may not even know that right behind them, cedar trees on public land have been topped – in order to create a water view – and that they will never grow taller again. The destruction of these trees and the sloppy, rushed way in which they were cut and left on the ground show a real disregard for what I consider a truly special place on this island.

I want to speak for the trees. If I don’t, who will?
– Bran Dougherty-Johnson